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Meet Joinedapp, Your Digital Consultant’s Secret Weapon

Back in the day, personal shoppers were all the rage. They did everything from provide stylized recommendations to find the perfect size, shape or color. While shopping assistants haven’t completely disappeared in the online shopping era, they have been virtually enhanced by technology.

Today, savvy customers rely on social media messaging, chatbots, live chat and more to provide the kind of support they would have relied on from an IRL shopping consultant. And, thanks to mobile phones, they expect that support immediately, just as they would in store. Even millennial shoppers who have never used the help of a personal consultant still expect this experience. This is, in large part, because online and mobile shopping has paved the way for personalized, on-demand shopping and brands have had no choice but to keep up with consumers’ expectations.

The Age of the Digital Consultant

While chatbots and messaging platforms do a decent job of addressing shoppers’ needs, they don’t provide an end-to-end user journey that: ● allows for product discovery ● facilitates completing a purchase within the platform ● AND creates an authentic, on-brand experience

As a result, businesses are now looking to fully-integrated digital consultant solutions that can do it all, down to swiping the virtual credit card. These digital consultants need to be “always on” and equipped to handle the needs of today’s mobile-first consumers.

That’s where Joinedapp comes in.

Powering Your Digital Consultant

Our AI-enabled conversational commerce solution removes friction in the browse-to-buy journey by processing payments within one platform. Just about any problem that comes up during the mobile shopping experience can be solved by Joinedapp. Let’s take a look at a few common issues:

Problem: Your shoppers are required to leave the environment they're in and go to a different website for checkout and payment processing.

Solution: Have the entire checkout flow including payment transaction take place within your chat platform with the help of Joinedapp.

Problem: Your customers are always looking for help when choosing products, but you don’t have the manpower for a team of consultants to be ready and waiting 24/7.

Solution: Use Joinedapp to create a digital consultant who can do it all, while remaining true to your brand.

Problem: Your site isn’t exactly mobile friendly, so you suspect that shoppers are getting to the checkout process and abandoning their carts until they can get to a desktop device… or just not returning at all.

Solution: Retarget these shoppers on social media messaging platforms by sending them gentle reminders and converting them with Joinedapp.

See a pattern? The solution is always Joinedapp.

Digital Consultants in Action

By utilizing a Joinedapp-enabled digital consultant, you can deliver personalized experiences and customers can interact with your brand in a natural way via text, touch, and voice interfaces on their mobile phone.

Some of the world’s biggest brands enlist the help of digital consultants, and it makes for an outstanding user experience.

Phil for AccorHotels

AccorHotels’ artificially-intelligent concierge, Phil, is trilingual and can be reached via Facebook Messenger. He helps guests find hotels and book their room. See him in action here.

Ask Liv at Estée Lauder

Estée Lauder knows skincare can be complicated, so they created Liv, a digital consultant that people can “talk” to via Google Home devices. Learn more about Liv here.

Cades at Christina Choi Cosmetics

Cades is the first virtual staff member at Christina Choi Cosmetics, a lifestyle beauty brand from San Francisco for the modern woman on-the-go. She helps customers shop for makeup, book appointments, and answers beauty questions. Contact Cades here.

Digital experiences like these can foster a new kind of brand loyalty. In some cases, they can even help increase mobile conversion rates while simultaneously decreasing shopping cart abandonment rates. Joinedapp can help you create these experiences so your customers can get the help they want, when they want it (with no inconveniences!) while you increase revenue. It’s a win-win.

Ready to bring a digital consultant on board for your brand? Request a demo today.

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