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Flying High with The Tigers

Jakarta's premier soccer team Persija has found itself a new partnership with Joinedapp! We are happy to be working with the prestigious sports team and we hope we can help elevate Persija to whole new heights internationally.

Persija Jakarta is Indonesia's most successful soccer team with a burgeoning number of victories and titles. The team consists of a strong roster of both Indonesian-born players and other nationalities to host a cohesive and capable soccer team. With over 11 national titles and championships, Persija stands as Jakarta's pride and soul in professional sports.

As a proud partner of Persija, Joinedapp will be able to facilitate and help elevate their commercial and social presence both locally and internationally. We will be able to ease and smoothen the user experience for all as well as create a stronger bond between the fans and the team. By using one of our many supported communication channels, users will be able to get the latest update regarding Persija's games, merchandise, and news. This alleviates the need to download a specific app and allows users to directly and quickly get to the content they want. Furthermore, our AI-integrated channels will be able to recognize user activity and interest and provide various exclusive deals and promotional material to its super fans. In addition, our social channels will make it much easier for specific players and prominent team members to communicate and share with their fans.

We hope that this partnership will help both fans and the team to captivate and grow the community. Go Tigers!

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